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Probate and Estate Administration Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland

Elderly couple meeting with attorneyNeed to Plan Your Estate or Navigate Probate? I Can Help.

An attorney who practices estate law is available to serve you at the Law Office Of David M. Goldman. I work hard to protect the rights of my clients so that they can keep their lives intact while dealing with legal issues. If you’re in Baltimore, MD, you can meet with me at a time that works best for your schedule to discuss the details of your case.

I belong to the Maryland State Bar Association and can help my clients with a variety of estate issues. You can come to me if you need help with:

  • Creating a living will

  • Estate administration

  • Establishing long-term care provisions

  • Making end-of-life arrangements

The Law Office Of David M. Goldman can give your estate law matters personal attention while we work together to come up with a feasible solution. Contact my office in Baltimore today to request a free initial consultation or to ask me any questions.

Need Legal Guidance?

The Basics of Estate Administration in Baltimore, MD

The term “your estate” simply refers to everything you own. Estate Planning is important because there are many detailed laws and tax rules that apply to the potential transfer of your property. Reasons to transfer property include for the benefit of family members or a charity, in the context of a marriage or divorce, for purposes of qualifying for Medicaid, in anticipation of illness or death, or through a will. This includes all forms of property such as real estate, bank accounts, IRA’s and pensions, stocks and other investments, vehicles, jewelry, and other valuables and personal belongings.

Tax considerations in the transfer of property include Gift Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax (in the case of IRA’s, for example), State Transfer and Recording Tax, Inheritance Tax, Maryland Estate Tax for estates worth more than $1,000,000, and Federal Estate Tax for estates worth more than $5,000,000 (as of 2011).

Other considerations include who has the right to transfer property, such as when there are joint owners, liens, life estates, or questions of capacity.

The Law Office of David M. Goldman can work together with you to identify your values and wishes for the eventual transfer of your property and can prepare an estate plan that will best serve your needs. I am especially committed to serving the needs of the small estate, with fees and services designed to make estate planning affordable to anyone.

One of the most popular ways to transfer, or prepare for the transfer of, most forms of property is through the creation of a trust. Please see more about trusts by visiting my Trusts page.

Don't Face Probate Alone

Probate law affects the lives of many people in Baltimore, MD, who have lost loved ones, and the Law Office Of David M. Goldman can assist you with your legal matters. I’ll help you distribute your deceased loved one’s assets in a way that will be fair for everyone. Even if no will exists, I’ll do everything possible to make sure that all beneficiaries receive what they justly deserve.

Giving Everyone Personal Attention

Every case that comes my way receives personal attention. This individualized approach gives me the chance to better learn about each person’s specific circumstances so that I can devise a plan that addresses all the important issues. My personal attention is further intended to make my service more accessible to my clients.

Call the Law Office Of David M. Goldman today to arrange a time to meet to receive more information regarding probate law. My goal is to make sure that your legal rights are never compromised. I offer flexible appointment availability so that I can consult with my clients in Baltimore at the most suitable time.