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Elder Law and Estate Administration
Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland

David M. Goldman

David M. Goldman

Attorney at Law

I earned my J.D. from Northeastern School of Law in 1996, and since then I have helped countless clients with their elder law, estate administration, probate, and family law needs. My passion lies in helping individuals overcome difficult situations so that they can move forward in life. I am also a rabbi, which sets me apart from other attorneys and shapes my perspective on life and the law. As a trusted legal professional in the Baltimore area, I am prepared to help you seek a resolution to your legal issue. Schedule a free consultation today to start moving forward.


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David M. Goldman

extensive experience in elder law

From guardianships and diminishing capacity to Medicaid and living wills, elder law encompasses a wide range of challenging legal situations that can occur as you or a loved one grow older. Practicing this area of law requires emotional sensitivity and an empathetic spirit, both of which I have. As your elder law attorney, I will advocate for you or your loved ones when they are no longer able to advocate for themselves.

Whether you need to draft a living will, appoint a legal guardian, or navigate long term care, an attorney can walk you through these processes and help you make informed decisions that best fit your life. Facing decisions like these can be overwhelming, but I can take some of the weight off your shoulders so that you can focus on the well-being of yourself or your loved ones.

Don't face the legal system alone. Working with an elder law attorney can ease the pain of navigating painful situations that may involve the incapacitation or declining health of yourself or a loved one. I have an extensive background and experience practicing law, and I approach every case and client with professionalism and compassion. Together, we can make a plan for your life or the life of a loved one that maintains their dignity.

Set up a free consultation today with the Law Offices of David M. Goldman in Baltimore, Maryland to discuss how I can help you with all of your elder law needs. I am proud to serve clients in Towson and surrounding areas. Don't wait to take action. Being proactive about your elder law needs can take the burden off of your family members later in life.

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Your estate planning & probate needs met

Planning for the future of your estate is one of the most important things you can do now to ease the burden on your loved ones later. While it may seem overwhelming to come up with a comprehensive plan for your assets, it does not have to be a difficult process. I can help you complete the necessary documentation to ensure that your property and family will be taken care of in the future.

As your estate planning attorney, I can help you draft a will, designate your beneficiaries, set up trusts, and more. Together, we can create an estate plan that suits you and your unique financial and family situation. Collaboration is key to achieving results in your best interests while also being legally sound and smart.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is emotionally taxing. Adding in the need to navigate the probate process is more than you should have to face on your own. My educational background and years of professional experience have equipped me to lead the way as we work through the distribution of your loved one's estate.

Probate and estate administration can involve authenticating a last will and testament, determining the value of your loved one's assets, distributing those assets, and more. No matter what probate will involve for you and your family, I can help. Reach out today to discuss your estate planning or estate administration needs.