Elder Law

What is Elder Law?

As seniors age, their ability to manage their accounts and their property will eventually begin to decline. Elder Law attorneys can adapt or create an Estate Plan designed to best prepare for this period, making important decisions in advance that will be followed, and ensuring that the right people will be able to make the right decisions at the right time.

When should I see an Elder Law attorney?

Ideally, retirement planning should address not only the earlier years, but the later years as well. Certainly, once someone has settled into retirement, they should meet with an Elder Law attorney to arrange a secure plan that will protect them, their assets and their wishes.

Medicaid Planning

Long term care in a nursing home is not covered by health insurance. That means residents must pay the $8-$10,000 or more per month out of their own savings (unless they have Long Term Care Insurance). A year in a nursing will wipe out the savings of the majority of Americans and can cause them to lose their homes.

The State of Maryland will pay for Long Term Care for those who qualify for Medicaid, but the terms are VERY complex. If you plan properly, you can protect much of your savings and still qualify.

When should I see an Elder Law attorney about Medicaid planning?

Ideally, no less than five years before being admitted to a Nursing Facility, which means your best guess about when that might be. But it is almost never too late to consult with an Elder Law attorney about how you can qualify for Medicaid while protecting your assets.

For more information, please see our Medicaid Planning page.

Health Directive & Living Will

Who would make vital health decisions for you if are unable to yourself? What would you want the doctors to do if you reached a vegetative state or terminal illness they did not consider reversible? These two questions are answered respectively by a Health Directive and a Living Will.

Health Directive appoints agents that are authorized to make health decisions for you either at any time or only if you are too ill to decide on your own. A Living Will is a specific set of instructions to be carried out if doctors do not believe you can recover from a serious condition.

These documents can be drawn up fairly easily and for a low fee. For more information, please Contact Me.